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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What are you still doing here?

Hey Juicy friends!

So, what about us totally forgetting to tell you guys the prototype is done and you can download it here huh?
Yeah.. That's uh.. Something.. Isn't it.

Don't hate us, we've been busy.

So here's what's been going on: after our small setback, we got to work on the project for another two weeks, in which we've made the product AWESOME.
We then proceeded to rock the presentation for Bluetongue and USAT, finally showing the true potential of our awesomeness.

After we were done though, we celebrated a bit too hard, so we haven't been able to update the blog and facebook page, considering they don't allow us to use our smartphones in jail -- imagine that!

We're all free now though, so there's really no reason not to update!
There's the small matter of us having to write a five-thousand word paper, and the deadline being tomorrow, but hey, most of us write twice that amount on facebook every day.

After we've dumped the remaining pile of promotional material we still have laying around on here in the coming time, we'll probably stop updating this blog.
I know, we're sad too.

We've had loads of fun doing the project, we hope you enjoyed following our progress for a bit!

Thanks to Emiel Kampen for your never-ending guidance and support.

Extra special thanks to Kevin and Nick from Bluetongue for taking time out of their busy busy schedule to give us feedback!

Kindest regards,

The Juicy Centre

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We're still here!

Yep, still here, polishing the prototype and making our presentation as kick-ass as possible!

Meanwhile, Joram Wolters has managed to get .swf's to play on his Android phone, so we can test the interface.
We're looking into a java2app converter someone hacked together, so we *might* be able to run the final prototype on the phone.
Fingers crossed.


The Juicy Centre